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October 17, 2018

Grouping content with categories

Use or create categories to let Ouva group content together.

Categories are Ouva's way of knowing how contents are similar or different from one another.

Default Categories

Your solution comes with multiple pre-filled categories like Welcoming, Engagement, Special Days and Patient Feedback. Ouva understands exactly the type and purpose of the messages in these default categories. For example, all content under Welcoming category is only displayed in idle mode. See Interaction Zones for more details. You can find what each category does under each section's title on Messaging page.

Custom Categories

To create your own categories, navigate to Messages page and click Categories on top of the page.

To create a new category, begin filling out the form on the bottom of the Categories page. Ouva uses "Friendly display name" when displaying the category in the menu to users. Therefore, while your category might be "News & Announcements", you might want to choose a more actionable title like "Get the latest news."

If you choose to show the category on the menu, Ouva will allow visitors to see all messages under this category on the menu as they are interacting. If not, Ouva will only display the content in idle mode – visitors can choose to read mode if they are interested.

Previews of custom content shown in idle mode.

In the portal, you can find custom content you have created under the Inform your visitors section on Messages page.

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