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October 17, 2018

Creating a message

Create your new message under the appropriate category by clicking on New Message button.

To create a new message, click on Messages tab from the left navigation bar, find the section you would like to create your content under and click on “New Message” button.

A simple, friendly navigation will guide you through a form that will receive all required information from you to decide how to most effectively display your message.

Entering your Message

With Ouva, you have a direct connection with your audience. All content you create will be displayed to your visitors via an assistant on screen. Therefore, feel free to use as direct language as you need to to effectively deliver your message. While your message can be as simple as "Have a great weekend!", Ouva provides minimal customization within the body of the text without making it complicated.

Splitting long messages

Whenever you begin a new paragraph, Ouva will display that message in multiple steps, displaying first paragraph, second paragraph and so on in order to increase readability. You can use this to create a narrative that engages your visitors without distracting them with too much text.

When Ouva displays a preview of your message, when in idle mode for example, it will display only the first paragraph. Therefore, we suggest that the first paragraph of your message contain a general, engaging summary of your message.

Entering details

Using a very basic language, you can have Ouva emphasize content. This is very helpful in cases where your message has meta information like location, time etc. To enter a detail line, add it to your text within brackets in following format:

For example, see it in action in the message below:

Details will emphasize content you enter as below. If you enter a common type before the colon (like location, date), Ouva will display the appropriate icon – otherwise it will display a bullet point.

Generally, it is a good practice to append these detail lines to first paragraph in order to capture attention of your visitors in the idle mode (where only first paragraph is displayed) and as they begin to read your message.

Using icons to drive narrative

Icons are a great way to add richness to your content as it is often the first section of the post that is displayed. Here, you can choose an icon that is most relevant to your message. Ouva team hand picks icons and updates the list continuously. If you have a need for any specific icon that is not on the list, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Further customizing how your message is displayed

Because Ouva uses sensors to you have options to specify where, when and to whom your message is displayed. For example, by separating your content by screen, you can create messages targeted for a specific department within your facility, where your visitors might benefit from a particular information.

Here, you can also choose to display messages always, or create a custom schedule for it. Using schedule, you can have your message expire after a certain time, or display it on certain day of month. For example, you may wish your visitors to "Have a great weekend," by scheduling your message to only display on Fridays.

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