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October 17, 2018

Interaction Zones

Ouva can choose which message to display based on how far your visitors are from screens.

Each Ouva screen is outfitted with a sensors that can, among other things, detect how far a person is from the screen. This helps is create a more engaging and layered interaction. For convenience, there are four zones as shown below.

Idle Zone

Idle zone is when visitors are far away from the screen. In this mode, visitors are not expected to interact with the screen. Ouva will rotate a number of welcome messages and a preview of your informative content you've created.

Engagement Zone

When visitors get closer to the screen, but not close enough to interact, Ouva displays a number of messages to engage them, and let them know they can use Ouva to receive information, ask for assistance and many other things enabled for your specific solution. The messages displayed here can also be customized in the portal.

Interaction Zone

When visitors are near, Ouva welcomes them by showing that their silhouette captured and guides them through a few quick steps explaining how they can use the system. Then, it displays possible assistance options. In this section, you use your hands or voice to navigate through menu.

Too Close

In many cases, as people are used to touching screens because of smartphones, they might expect to touch the screen. When this action is detected, Ouva will display a quick message, explaining that they do not need to touch, but instead interact using gestures and voice.

Changing Content By Zone

As it may get confusing to see where to exactly create your content, we've made it easy for content creators to understand, by dropping zone terminology and instead guiding them through completing a number of content categories. For example, you will enter messages to "Welcome visitors to your facility and departments", or "Engage visitors within your facility", with specific explanations on how these messages are displayed. See articles on messaging for more information.

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