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October 17, 2018


Locations are departments, restrooms, cafeterias and other important areas within your facility.

You need to create locations in order to create directions for your visitors. To create a new location, click on Wayfinding tab from the left, and click on Locations above the page.

Creating a new location

To create a new location, scroll all the way down the page and begin filling out the available form. Enter a name, choose the related icon and click Submit to create your location.

Icons are important as they are one of the first items that captures the attention of your visitor.

Changing a location

In order to update a location, click on its name on the list as shown below. The form at the bottom of the page will give you the information to update.

Deleting locations

To delete locations, click on the empty boxes next to each location you would like to delete and click on Delete Selected, as shown below.

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