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Well & Sick Waiting Areas

ouva video wall in promedica toledo hospital sick waiting room

ProMedica Health System is a comprehensive Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan health care network of specialized hospitals, facilities, researchers, and doctors. For the new ProMedica Health and Wellness Center, an innovative healthcare facility that brings a full-spectrum of care under one roof in Sylvania, OH opened its doors on in January 2016. The three-story, 230,000-square-foot center houses primary care and specialty physician offices; medical imaging, laboratory, behavioral health and wellness services; an endoscopy center; ProMedica Optical; ProMedica Pharmacy Counter; ProMedica Urgent Care; and a food pharmacy.

Promedica design team’s goal was to create a kid-friendly, anxiety-free environment for the pediatric clinic wing where the patient will feel safe and welcomed. OUVA’s design team started collaborating with the multidisciplinary Promedica design team of architects, physicians, and patient experience designers to understand the scope and needs of the project entirely. We looked into every single segment that involves the design of the patient experience such as the patient flow, plans of the hospital and physical space requirements to provide an effective solution that is custom-tailored to the brand new facility.

Based on our extensive research and collaboration we have determined couple crucial impact areas part of the overall patient experience design. Our team recognized that the designated waiting room located at the main entrance of the exam rooms plays a huge part in the care delivery as it's located in the heart of the facility. Hence, we decided to design a waiting area solution to keep patients and families engaged, entertained, relaxed and build a much pleasant transition to the clinical examination.

Our solution consisted of two main sections; solutions for well-waiting and sick waiting areas. The aim was to create a welcoming experience where patients feel in control of their experience as well as leaving them with a clear message and guidance as they exit the facility. Provided solutions included unique customizations of our Living Garden experience. Our team re-designed the scenery, landscape and incorporated local landmarks such as the Toledo Zoo & Skylines and the Veterans Glass City Skyway to create a familiar environment for the visitors.

ouva video wall in promedica toledo hospital sick waiting room

For the well-waiting area, we emphasized openness in our visual design with wider landscapes, shorter story cycles, incorporated the most prominent features of the local landscapes for immediate attention. Also, picked the most active elements and interactions to leave them with a sense of empowerment and satisfaction. Though for the sick waiting experience, our purpose was to evoke a sense of protection and wonder with the denser landscape with trees brought to the foreground in the scenery. Additionally, we chose the calming and relaxing interactions such as rain and snow and bringing the best features our magical characters for additional moral support and element of surprise to maximize the engagement.

Ever since the new wellness center opened its doors, our platform has been collecting valuable data such as traffic, flow, patient behavior, interaction & wait times, the popularity of features and making adjustments for the enhancement of the patient experience and we provide monthly reports to the hospital management team with actionable insights. Our wellness solution serves an average of 10.000 patients each month.

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