Aug 30, 2019

Meet the Team: Will Liang

These are the people that design Ouva products, support our customers, and keep the lights open every day. Everyone at Ouva wears many hats, from interacting with customers to supporting mission-critical infrastructure. We are proud of every team member we bring on board and love to introduce our team members to everyone, so that they can make their contributions known, as individuals and with their craft.

Meet Will. Will has worked with us as a Design Intern during Summer of 2019.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Will.

I enjoy drawing plants while sipping a cup of iced latte and people watching. I like being outdoors surrounded by people, and dogs. I am always distracted by pretty things - cute posters, vintage cars, and art.

How did you hear about Ouva - what made you interested in it?

I saw Ouva on AngelList. I was drawn to the interactive experience projects that Ouva did, and I love minty green so I was really a fan of the color (jk :P) I also wanted to explore the healthcare field.

What did you work on while at Ouva?

I worked on the user experience and interface design for voice assistant for a month and a half, and then started to redesign Ouva’s website.

What was your most exciting time at Ouva?

I would say every morning. It was my first time having a taste of 9 to 5, and I liked it. I enjoyed being up early, walking to work passing by the dog park. I would usually start my work with a morning coffee and pastry and some soothing music. Visiting UCSF hospital and talking to people as part of the research was a pleasure. I really like hearing stories and opinions from people as well as observing the space

What’s next for you?

I am going to be a senior in Interaction Design at CCA. It is a bit intimidating but also exciting - I will be working on my thesis and graduating in a year. I am looking forward to getting out of school and figuring out my life. I would like to come back to say hi to the team, and maybe join Ouva again in the future.


You can see more of Will's work at her website.

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