Smart Patient Experience Tracking

Measure and quantify the quality of care delivery.

Reveal patient experience with visual intelligence.

Smart Ouva cameras capture end-to-end patient experience metrics and patient behavior without any additional tags. Using proprietary visual recognition technology, Ouva informs facilities about their patient experience and reveals operational inefficiencies.

Realtime, comprehensive metrics.

Ouva presents real-time, comprehensive metrics and insights into healthcare operation including:

  • Patient flow
  • Patient engagement
  • Comfort levels
  • Occupancy
  • Wait and clinic cycle times
  • Physical activity & patient mobility
  • Patient & staff activity and interaction times
  • Use of medical equipment, beds and hand sanitizers

Patient Experience Dashboard

The Ouva dashboard presents the big picture: Data on an individual patient, or aggregate information sorted by physician, department or the facility as a whole. With Ouva, you will know the areas that need immediate attention, and how you can train staff and adjust facilities to improve efficiency and outcomes.

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