Ambient, Interactive Sensory Experiences

Ouva creates immersive, sensory environments proven to empower patients with openness and relaxation through calming, custom sceneries, sounds and lights.

Personalized Environments

Ouva measures individual patient engagement by examining patient’s behavior and activity of each presented sensory experiences and over time learns about their preferences. There are many different calming experiences to choose with nature elements along with humanized animals and characters.

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Immersive Private Soundscape: Noise Reduction

Ouva systems use custom directional speakers in order to create a private experience for each patient. Experiences offer calming nature sounds as well as white noise for sleep aid and eliminating the outside noise.

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Adaptive Mood Lighting

Colorful, super-bright LED lights that mimi colors of the displayed content in real time for a fully sensory, engaging experience. Patient can control and adjust the brightness as they prefer.

Monash Children's Hospital logo
"To see a child’s face light up when they enter the atrium and then run over to see what it is and start to interact, its just lovely"

— Kym Forrest, General Manager, Monash Children's Hospital
Stanford Lucile Packard Children's Hospital logo
Coastal Life
An experience for Stanford Lucile Packard Children's Hospital that immerses visitors of  right into a very scenic, rocky northern California shoreline.
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital logo
The Bubble Wall
Three-story interactive wall at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, where visitors create large-scale colorful nebulous shapes using gesture-based interaction.

De-stressed patients have better outcomes.

Ouva’s beautifully immersive environments engage patients waiting for treatment, stimulating their senses and relaxing their nerves. Caregivers report that with Ouva, patients are more mentally and emotionally prepared for their interactions with physicians and staff.

Various screenshots of Ouva virtual environments

Adaptive Healing Environments

Ouva creates immersive, sensory environments with proven immersive design elements. It learns, over time, the best combinations of audio, video and lighting based on patient preferences and their reaction measured through sensors. The resulting experience empowers patients with openness, sense of time and relaxation.

High-Resolution Imagery
Two-way Immersive Sound
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Adaptive Mood Lighting
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Calming Environments
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