Smart camera to optimize hospitals and clinics.

Analyze Behavior with People Tracking

Through real-time visual analysis, Ouva detects patients, staff and visitors in rooms and waiting areas. 18-point pose tracking monitors patient behavior from posture to movement

Optimize Workflows with Spatial Analysis

Ouva can deconstruct hospital and clinic environment, from seating arrangements, utilization of medical equipment to trip hazards and more.

Personalize Experience with Face Recognition

Ouva recognizes individuals with 99% accuracy, enabling a truly personal experience throughout the entire facility. Expression detection allows condition and comfort of patients to be analyzed.

Prevent costly incidents before they happen.

Ouva's built-in sensors detect discomfort and hazardous activity, and activate visuals and messaging to comfort your patients in real time. Ouva simultaneously alerts your staff of issues that require immediate assistance.

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Optimize your patient experience in realtime.

View your entire operation in realtime with Ouva, including key trends such as individual and average wait times, occupancy and patient-staff interactions in order to provide the best patient experience.

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Recognize your patients and personalize their experience.

Ouva can remember previous interactions and create a patient experience where patients, environments and workflow are all connected from the first moment they step in.

  • Automated check-in
  • Personalized wayfinding
  • Dynamic messaging
  • Realtime patient feedback
  • Interactive ambient experiences
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Investment into a smart healthcare facility.

Ouva intelligence is continuously trained to track new critical medical events and behaviors. We work closely with our partners to add features that are critical to their care delivery. Investing into Ouva platform provides your facility with foundations of a smart, ever-evolving patient experience.

Increase bottom line with measurable ROI.

At Ouva, we quantify every part of the hospital experience so that you can see the evidence of critical ROI impact.

Shorter cycle times with automated check-in and efficient wayfinding

For an average sized hospital, eliminating staff distraction due to assisting lost patients can save over $400,000.

Peponis, J. , Zlmnng, C., & Choi, Y. K. (1990). Finding the building in way finding. Environment and Behavior, 22, 555-590.

Improve staff availability, patient flow and throughput

Generating 10% savings for a single hospitalist saves approximately $2.2B per year.

Whitcomb WF. Director, Mercy Inpatient Medicine Service, Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, MA.

Increase patient satisfaction

Improving patient experience leads upwards of $5.4M in additional revenue annually.

5 Hall, Melvin F. “Looking to Improve Financial Results? Start by Listening to Patients” Healthcare Financial Management, October 2008.

Reduce hospital related infections

Annual cost of hospital related infections in U.S is $28.4B.

Center for Disease Control: "The Direct Medical Costs of HAIs in U.S. Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention" Mar 2009

Faster recovery by improving mobility

By improving patient mobility, pressure ulcers, pneumonia, falls, and blood clots may be avoided, representing a total of $88B savings.

Prevent patient falls

In 2015, costs for falls to Medicare totaled over $31B. The average hospital cost for a fall injury is over $30,000.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

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