Recognize and respond in real time.

Ouva uses visual and voice recognition to customize environments and messaging content to the individual needs of your patients. Ouva gathers metrics that help your facility optimize operations and improve patient satisfaction.

"Welcome back, Lisa."

"How may I assist you?"

"Current wait time is 15 minutes."

"Care for a walk in the garden in the meantime?"

Ouva greets patients with a warm welcome and becomes their personal assistant. Patients can engage Ouva for support, from receiving information, guidance to controlling their environment with gestures and voice commands. Ouva remembers previous conversations and preferences in order to provide continuous support throughout their healing journey.

Navigating a facility can be difficult. Until Ouva.

Ouva knows your facility and guides patients to their destination, with updated directions at each step of their journey. Ouva ensures that your patients are on track, and informs department staff about their ETA.

Learn more about Intuitive Wayfinding ›

Maximize learning and engagement.

Ouva provides educational content for your patients: information about procedures, healthy living practices, and your facility. Our smart technology measures engagement and optimizes content for improved learning experiences. Your patients meet their physician engaged and ready for treatment.

Power patient rooms with Ouva assistant.

Ouva's personable companion is enabled via its proprietary artificial intelligence that is capable of engaging in sophisticated conversations and reacting to user’s commands and gestures. Patients gain full control of their day to day tasks, activities and environment via an intuitive interface that eliminates complexity.

Heart Wellness Icon
Mental and Physical Wellness

Ouva encourages patients to be active and mentally ready for treatment.

Control Icon
Full Control and Independence

Patients can use Ouva to control their room and get in touch with staff.

Handshake Icon
Proactive Humanized Support 

Lively Ouva companions provides realtime assistance based on patient schedules and preferences.

Slip and Fall Icon
Eliminate Hazards & Injuries

Ouva detects patient behavior and condition. It can detect hazardous activity and when patients are in discomfort.

Uncover actionable insights.

The Ouva dashboard presents the big picture: Data on an individual patient, or aggregate information sorted by physician, department or the facility as a whole. With Ouva, you will know the areas that need immediate attention, and how you can train staff and adjust facilities to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Ouva patient experience dashboard

See the impact.
Maximize your revenue.

Ouva takes actions in real time in order to provide a comforting environment for your patients and staff. Use dashboard to reveal steps taken by Ouva to maximize the effectiveness of your care delivery.

Automated patient satisfaction surveys.

Ouva’s interactive interface requests feedback from patients, providing you with data on patient experience and satisfaction. Our smart technology maps metrics onto HCAHPS categories. No more manual entries and follow-up calls: Ouva’s user-friendly data collection is fast, easy and efficient.

Learn more about Automated Surveys ›

Comprehensive patient experience solution.

Patient Icon
Personal Assistance

Continuous support through healing journey.

Shield Icon
Proactive Support

Detect issues and activate visuals & messaging.

Idea Icon
Ever-evolving Experience

Intricate design combined with intelligence that learns and adapts over time.

Improving Smile Icon
Evidence-based Impact

Improve your facility to improve efficiency, workflows and outcomes.

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