Personalized, smart wayfinding.

Smart Ouva sensors automatically detect and recognize visitors and direct visitors to their destinations by personalized turn-by-turn directions designed for hospitals and clinics.

Intuitive Gesture and Voice Interface

As soon as visitors step in front of Ouva screens, they will get greeted with a warm welcome message. They can either pick from the most popular destinations or say the name of the department they are looking for or select via gestures, completely touch-free, sanitary interface.

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Remembers Visitors via Face Recognition

At any point visitors can walk to the any Ouva display to get further assistance. Centralized Ouva intelligence remembers previous conversations and immediately display next set of instructions.

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Dynamic Routes and Emergency Alerts

Smart Ouva sensors track patient flow and detects hazardous activity, blockages and occupancy and provide optimal, best available route and alerts staff in case of an emergency. Emergency Mode can be triggered by staff members to direct everyone to the nearest emergency exits.

Personalized Recommendations

Ouva measures realtime wait times at all departments and ETAs and offers various recommendations around the facility in order to keep patients entertained and engaged while waiting and lower perceived wait times.

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Actionable Insights and Measure the Impact

Ouva dashboard gives access to real-time comprehensive patient journey metrics and highlights areas that need further attention. See the impact and detailed flow metrics on the large scale.

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