Multi-disciplinary team with a passion for a better healing experience.

We formed the OUVA platform to express wellness and technology. We innovate with our immersive action technology, built from years of collaboration with hospitals to create a human-centered healing experience.

Photo of Dogan Demir
Dogan Demir

CEO & Founder. Dogan is a prolific researcher and computer scientist whose work at the intersection of healthcare engineering, interactive systems and visualization has and continues to contribute to advancing healthcare solutions.

Photo of Metin Nacar
Metin Nacar

Metin has years of experience building mobile, interactive and engaging products. Currently heading operations, he helps deliver high quality projects efficiently.

Photo of Aenor Sawyer
Aenor Sawyer, MD

Medical Advisor. Dr. Sawyer has more than a decade of health technology experience in development of device and digital health solutions, telemedicine and emergency medical response (EMR) design and implementation. She currently guides development, evaluation and translation of novel technologies at UCSF and external incubators.